With over ten years of experience of working in artistic fields and an international network of art and culture experts at our disposal, we produce art criticism, indexes of works, exhibition concepts and organize cultural events, design websites, newsletters, portfolios, and catalogues of artworks for both artists and cultural institutions.

»To succeed as an artist, you have to use almost as much creativity to figure out a career strategy as you do to make the art itself.«
Richard Polsky
Reproduktion Fine Art


We offer high- quality photographic reproductions of paintings and artworks using innovative photographic equipment for a perfect recording of the brush strokes and fine details on the surface of artwork.

Peer Oliver Nau Portfolio

Portfolio for Peer Oliver Nau

In preparation for a demanding application process, art objective supported the German sculptor Peer Oliver Nau in conceiving and designing his portfolio. Presented was a selection of the artist’s works, placing his work visually and textually in the foreground. Planned art projects were outlined and certain stages in the artist’s career were highlighted in a short CV. The application has been deemed successful by the Commision of the International Art Exhibition NordArt.

art analysis

art objective produces criticism of various forms: for catalogues, websites, newsletters and press texts and offers editing for existing texts. The artist’s techniques, intentions and art historical contextualization will be emphasized, creating connections between his/her works and current social discourse.

Ana Karaminova | Dissertation

MONOGRAPH: Bulgarian video art

Exemplary work analysis, extracts from time witness interviews and also the contextualisation of the examined works in the international art scene visualises the relationship between social policy and art.

Art Historical Anthology

“Visualization of Upheaval. The strategies and semantics of images from the end of communist rule in eastern Europe” is a art historical anthology including ten contributions, edited by Ana Karaminova and Martin Jung | Frankfurt a. M. 2012.

Mongolische Ger

Anniversary: 40 Years of German-Mongolian Relations

By invitation from the Mongolian Embassy, Berlin, art objective in collaboration with Villa Kult, Berlin, and Art & Media Project Management organized a three-day cultural and charity event that included an art exhibition, music concerts, dance performances, Mongolian catering, and an art auction.

OCEAN Contemporary © Catalogue

The catalogue presents the work of 15 contemporary artists who share their views of the ocean as an endangered landscape and ecosystem, a habitat, as mythology, as a scientific subject of research and a target for political and monetary strategies.

Thorsten Fuchs – Pattern

OCEAN Art Column

The aim is to communicate new perspectives of contemporary art to a wide audience and therefore to make a contribution to the current social discourse. In addition an exclusive limited edition as a Fine Art Print is offered by the artist.

OCEAN Contemporary © - Flyer

Tension Test

For a community of artist and art promoters, eV Berlin, we designed the group exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN Contemporary #1.” Included were fifteen contemporary artists and their views on the theme of “The Ocean Today”, realized in a variety of artistic mediums.

Modern Mongolian Art

By invitation from the Mongolian Embassy and in close collaboration with Renate Roginas–Villa Kult, Berlin, art objective organized an exhibition with an extensive cultural program on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Mongolia.


Our aim is to show new perspectives in contemporary art and create a space for dialogue between the visitors and artists.

assistenz für künstler

Damit KünstlerInnen mehr Zeit zum Kunstschaffen haben assistieren wir gerne bei Ausstellungsorganisation und Messeauftritte, sowie Homepageaktualisierung,Konzeptschreibung,Kunsttransport,Portfolien,Hängepläne etc.

Faltblatt zur Ausstellung | Design by Nils Poppe

media design

Graphically and content-wise, we offer aesthetically engaging solutions for the design of your portfolio, application, newsletter and homepage. For your upcoming exhibitions and events, we conceive appropriate flyers, brochures and info guides and bring you into contact with our in-house graphic designers, Alina Hoyer and Nils Poppe. We can also manage or advise you on your social media platforms for specific project and events or long-term media presence.


For exhibitions and cultural events, art objective conceives aesthetically engaging flyers, info brochures, and quickly sends you an offer with no obligations.

Vortrag von Daniel Opitz | Ocean Mind Foundation

art and artists talk

As part of the exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN CONTEMPORARY #1” at the GEDOK Gallery Berlin we spoke with art historian Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Reichle on the subject of marine plastic pollution in contemporary art and with filmmaker Daniel Opitz from the OCEAN MIND FOUNDATION, Kiel, about his project “Whales in Mind”.


De_Constructing the Image of the World

Jede Kultur, jeder Mensch konstruiert eine bestimmte Weltsicht. Sie dient zur Orientierung und Selbstverortung in Raum und Zeit und ist damit Teil der kulturellen Identität. Eine Möglichkeit die Dimension des Raumes begreifbar zu machen, ist die Darstellung der räumlichen Gegebenheiten auf Karten.


“FRESH from Adelina Popnedeleva. A product of its time. Or: How do video artworks reflect contemporary history?” is an analysis written by Ana Karaminova for the Vienna Magazine for Contemporary History.

Poster zur Ausstellung Monster.Kunst.Kinder.Rechte im Bundesjustizministerium Berlin


Art objective assisted artist and lawyer, Inger-Kristina Wegener, with installing and taking-down her politically engaged touring exhibition “Monster. Art. Children. Rights”. The exhibited ‘monster-images’ are the visual counterparts to the 41 articles from the Childrens’ Rights Convention and translate them into a language appropriate for children.

OPEN CALL – OCEAN Art Films 2019 @ CineMare Int’l Ocean FilmFestival

In collaboration with the CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Germany we invite artists for the third time to present their ocean themed art short films as part of the film festival.

The aim of the project is to stimulate contemplation on and responsibility for our oceans through the medium of contemporary art. By shaping the visual dialogue artists create new perspectives on global topics, open room for dialogue as well as communicating universal values concerning our Blue Planet.

DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION | Interfilm Festival Berlin

Art Objective invites the viewers to discover new horizons in contemporary art. International artists present their perspectives of our ‚Blue Planet‘.

Lisa Hoffmann – Meersucht

German Ocean Foundation – Open Day of the German Government

The curator Katja Vedder is an expert for contemporary art, that focuses on the themes of ocean and water. For the ‘Open Day’ she has brought together two artists to show their work to the public.

Sailing Journal Cover

Plastic Pollution

We presented these contemporary views in an article for the Sailing Journal. We are taking a closer look at the positions of contemporary art focusing on the plastic pollutions of the ocean.


Im Auftrag des Vereins Kunstbrücke Lankwitz e.V. Berlin konzipiert art objective die Ausstellung “Unrast”. Das Konzept wurde von der Kommission des KUNSTQUARTIER BETHANIEN Berlin als erfolgreich begutachtet.

Fluchten_ Escapes


On the occasion of the European Month of Photography in Berlin 2014, art objective conceived the concept for the group exhibition “Escape” for GEDOK-Galerie Berlin. Based on the ubiquitous phenomenon of escape, the participating artists offered various photo-based and video works on the subject and focused on the political and psychological dimensions of the concept.

art objective

Founded by art manager Katja Vedder (right) and art historian Dr. Ana Karaminova (left), art objective is an emerging artist agency based in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. We offer a wide spectrum of services to artists and cultural institutions, such as exhibition and event management, art analysis and criticism, cataloguing and graphic design.

indexes of works and cataloging

With our expertise and using appropriate software we can help you to professionally and clearly catalogue your artworks. To make your database accessible when needed, images are allocated with descriptive key phrases, arranged chronologically and ordered by other image-characterizing methods.

Webdesign _ Dalva Duarte


For the French-based Brazilian artist Dalva Duarte, we designed a new, modern and responsive website. Our services include consultation regarding concept development, graphic design, assisting you will selecting works, and follow-up maintenance.

Barbara Egin – Newsletter

newsletter for Barbara Egin

For the German painter and photographer, Barbara Egin, art objective conceived a quarterly Newsletter that is distributed to a large network. After discussing the artist’s wishes, we developed a visual and conceptual proposal that art historically presents selected works, lists participation in current art fairs and exhibition history of the artist.

Kunstbücher und Kataloge

Für Ihre Kunstbücher und Kataloge verfassen wir kunsthistorische Analysen der abgebildeten Werken. Ebenso konzipieren wir Texte über den Gesamtkunstwerk von Künstlerinnen.


“Freedom that wants to be celebrated: The Bulgarian art scene between 1989 and 1999” is an article written by Ana Karaminova for the Journal for Balkan Studies.
„Freiheit, die gefeiert sein will: Die Kunstszene in Bulgarien zwischen 1989 und 1999“ ist eine Analyse von Ana Karaminova für die Zeitschrift für Balkanologie.

Dr. Ana Karaminova und Katja Vedder

exhibition and event management

We advise you in every step of the exhibition making process from the initial ideas for a concept to searching for a suitable exhibition location or the acquisition of required technology. We also assist with installing works and are dependable representatives, making ourselves available to answer all question on-site.


CONTEMPORARY OCEAN VIDEO ART FILMS – International artists present new perspective on our »Blue Planet«. Their works open room for dialogue, surprise and irritate the viewer. The Video Art Section is curated by Katja Vedder and presented at the 3. CINEMARE Int’l Ocean Film Festival.

Vortragsabend OCEAN Contemporary ©

Lecture Evening “Whales in Mind”

As part of the exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN CONTEMPORARY #1” at the GEDOK Gallery Berlin, we spoke with art historian Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Reichle from the Humboldt University of Berlin and filmmaker Daniel Opitz from the OCEAN MIND FOUNDATION, Kiel, on the themes of ‘ocean’ and the various aesthetic strategies used to communicate about it.

Corinna Rosteck – Roosevelt

Bitter Water

The group exhibition “Bitter Water” presents positions of international artists tracing the inspirational power of the element water and reviewing its’ existential importance. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the art initiative On Water and the Reederei Riedel GmbH with the objective of shaping the debate on water and setting critical impulses.


Katja Vedder hat als Kuratorin, den als Wanderausstellung konzipierten Teil des Projektes in Berlin umgesetzt. Die Digitalgrafiken wurden neu produziert und zu verschiedenen Veranstaltungen im Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte Berlin sowie der Mongolischen Botschaft ausgestellt.

Vernissage Contemporary Mongolian Art | Otgo (Artist), Katja Vedder (art objective), Oyuna Oyunchimeg Badarch (Botschaft Mongolei) | Clea Elle (Galerie BLAUE STUNDE)

Contemporary Mongolian Art

In cooperation with the Galerie Blaue Stunde Berlin art objective presents four Mongolian contemporary artists.
Artworks by renowned Mongolian artists Otgo and Gan- Erdene Tsend, who live in Germany, were shown alongside of the works by Batbaatar and Bayarbaatar, which were kindly lend by the private collection of Oyuna Oyunchimeg Badarch ( Mongolian Embassy Berlin).

kontakt art objective


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