about us

art objective is a young artist agency based in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main that functions as mediation stations between artistsm cultural institutions and exhibition venues.

OUR GOALS are to advise and support artists who work independently from commercial galleries and the artist market. As freelance curators we develop engaging concepts for temporary exhibitions.

WE OFFER expert support for: textual art analysis and criticism, exhibition concepts | installation plans | correspondence management | logistics and communications with art transporters | fair representation | design and content support for portfolios, newsletters and websites | periodic or project-specific consultations | counsel with social media platforms | finding appropriate exhibition venues for unique installations or artworks


With more than 10 years of experience at our disposal, we work closely with artists, art producers, various institutions, as well as, specialists such as graphic designers, programmers, photographers, logistic services from the following countries

Argentina | Austria | Australia | Brazil | Bulgaria | China | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | United Kingdom | Greece | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | South Korea | Malaysia | Malta | Mexico | Mongolia | Norway | Poland | Romania | Russia | Serbia | Spain | South Africa | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey