OCEAN Contemporary Art Films | CineMare

art objective shows a new series of OCEAN Contemporary Art Films at the opening of the 2. CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Kiel.

OCEAN Contemporary is an ongoing collaborative, non-profit research and exhibition project that shows contemporary art in the context of the ocean to raise awareness for our ‘Blue Planet’.

The OCEAN Contemporary Art Films will be shown throughout the whole festival in between the featured films.

Curator: Katja Vedder

2. CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Kiel
30. August – 03. September 2017
In den Kinos in Kiel

Susana Sanromán | ES / UK
THE THINGS WE LEAVE BEHIND | Spanien | England 2015 | 3 min.  Ohne Dialog

The project highlights the impact of waste on our environment, resulting from the continuous overproduction of goods in our societies. The amount of waste is increasing and managing it becomes more and more difficult. Using the ‘mummy’ as a metaphor, the artist implies that the human presence is the catalytic changing force destroying the planet. In the video the human figure merges into its surroundings, until a complete metamorphosis has taken place, referring to the greater power of nature and sending a message of hope among the destruction.

Renata Poljak | HRV
PARTENZA | Kroatien 2016 | 3 min.  Ohne Dialog

At the beginning of the 20th century, men from Croatian islands frequently migrated to South America escaping hunger and looking for a better life. The women stayed at home waiting for them to return. Inspired by the personal story of her grandparents, the artist masterfully depicts this very current topic with a minimalistic black and white aesthetics and structure.

Ulf Saupe
 | GER
GARDEN EDEN | Deutschland 2016 | 3 min. Ohne Dialog

The artist shows with his installation and video work the complex interconnections of the water cycle in the context of food production and transport industry. The water pipes, embedded in transport boxes, are laid out in a labyrinth – a net as an analogy for the globalised flow of goods. The question that arises is how we can positively design a regenerative circular economy.

Further Projects

Corinna Rosteck – Roosevelt

Bitter Water

The group exhibition “Bitter Water” presents positions of international artists tracing the inspirational power of the element water and reviewing its’ existential importance. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the art initiative On Water and the Reederei Riedel GmbH with the objective of shaping the debate on water and setting critical impulses.

Lisa Hoffmann – Meersucht

German Ocean Foundation – Open Day of the German Government

The curator Katja Vedder is an expert for contemporary art, that focuses on the themes of ocean and water. For the ‘Open Day’ she has brought together two artists to show their work to the public.

OCEAN Contemporary © Catalogue

The catalogue presents the work of 15 contemporary artists who share their views of the ocean as an endangered landscape and ecosystem, a habitat, as mythology, as a scientific subject of research and a target for political and monetary strategies.

Sailing Journal Cover

Plastic Pollution

We presented these contemporary views in an article for the Sailing Journal. We are taking a closer look at the positions of contemporary art focusing on the plastic pollutions of the ocean.

Vortragsabend OCEAN Contemporary ©

Lecture Evening “Whales in Mind”

As part of the exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN CONTEMPORARY #1” at the GEDOK Gallery Berlin, we spoke with art historian Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Reichle from the Humboldt University of Berlin and filmmaker Daniel Opitz from the OCEAN MIND FOUNDATION, Kiel, on the themes of ‘ocean’ and the various aesthetic strategies used to communicate about it.


CONTEMPORARY OCEAN VIDEO ART FILMS – International artists present new perspective on our »Blue Planet«. Their works open room for dialogue, surprise and irritate the viewer. The Video Art Section is curated by Katja Vedder and presented at the 3. CINEMARE Int’l Ocean Film Festival.

OCEAN Contemporary © - Flyer

Tension Test

For a community of artist and art promoters, eV Berlin, we designed the group exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN Contemporary #1.” Included were fifteen contemporary artists and their views on the theme of “The Ocean Today”, realized in a variety of artistic mediums.

DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION | Interfilm Festival Berlin

Art Objective invites the viewers to discover new horizons in contemporary art. International artists present their perspectives of our ‚Blue Planet‘.

Thorsten Fuchs – Pattern

OCEAN Art Column

The aim is to communicate new perspectives of contemporary art to a wide audience and therefore to make a contribution to the current social discourse. In addition an exclusive limited edition as a Fine Art Print is offered by the artist.

OPEN CALL – OCEAN Art Films 2019 @ CineMare Int’l Ocean FilmFestival

In collaboration with the CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Germany we invite artists for the third time to present their ocean themed art short films as part of the film festival.

The aim of the project is to stimulate contemplation on and responsibility for our oceans through the medium of contemporary art. By shaping the visual dialogue artists create new perspectives on global topics, open room for dialogue as well as communicating universal values concerning our Blue Planet.